Leads for Roof Maxx and Greener Shingles Dealers

The problem with trying to get leads for Roof Maxx, Greener Shingles, or some other roof spray system is that not many people know about the product. 

Because of that, there's skepticism. 

Lots of it. 

Especially when they learn just how much LESS it is than roof replacement. 

It's almost as if it sounds too good to be true. 

So what's the answer?


Too expensive. 


What's that?



Google ads?

They have their issues too?

Because people don't know about these roof sprays as an option, they aren't really searching for it. 

And if you try to run ads that show up when people type in roof repair or replacement, you'll very likely blow your budget before you even get a lead. 

Seems like nothing works...

Until you consider Facebook and Instagram. 

"But no one goes on Facebook or Instagram to hire a roof spray company..."


And no one watches Tv to buy a car. 

But car commercials work. 

And ads for Roof Maxx and other roof spray systems like Greener Shingles work on Facebook and Instagram—if they're done right. 

Maybe you've tried them before and they've failed. 

Not surprised. 

Most people are doing them completely wrong. 

Roof Maxx gives you videos and marketing materials to use. 

So does Greener Shingles.

But they don't even work. 


Andhat's precisely the problem:

They are marketing materials. 

They LOOK like ads. 

People have been using social media for so long now that they are trained to see an ad from a mile away. 

As they are scrolling, they notice it coming and blow right by it. 

The first thing a good advertising campaign accomplishes is that it doesn't LOOK like an advertising campaign. 

That way, people will actually stop and look at it. 

The next HUGE mistake people make is that they think people don't have the attention spans to read long sales copy. 

But that's exactly WRONG. 

It's not that people don't have attention spans; it's that they are really good now at knowing what they want to pay attention TO.

And that solves one of the biggest problems with marketing these products:


Long sales copy written really well will educate prospective clients. 

And it will turn them into Roof Spray leads. 

When they click the ad, the next thing that has to happen is crucial:

They need to be taken to a landing page that instantly legitimizes the company/dealer selling the product. 

Their skepticism has to be erased immediately. 

The only way to do that is to make the landing page look so simple and amazing that they think:

"Oh... This is for real."

On that landing page they should have two options and two options only:

Fill out the questionnaire and become a Roof Spray Lead, or leave the page. 

When you give people two options only, they'll be more inclined to fill out their information and send it to you. 

But what should that information be?

Here's yet another thing most marketers get totally wrong:

They think the less info the better. 

If you ask the homeowner to fill out a million things, they won't because it will take too long. 



Asking people to fill out a relatively hefty amount of information actually INCREASES how legitimate you seem to them. 

After all, why would a company who is total BS be asking such important questions?

So they fill out the form or questionnaire and then they send it in to you. 

But we aren't done yet. 

Most marketers think that's it... You got the lead so their job is done. 

But a good marketing funnel doesn't just get leads;

It also makes it more likely that those leads pick up when you call, and eventually hire you. 

But how?

By beginning to nurture them immediately. 

After they submit the form on the landing page, they should be instantly taken to a thank you page. 

On that page, you can tell them what to expect next, and tease them with reasons that they should pick up when you call. 

They should also automatically receive an email, and that email should be designed to get them to reply to you. 

That way, a conversation is started, increasing your lead to contact ratio. 

And the bottom line is this:

After seeing your ad, reading all of it, clicking and experiencing your landing page, then reading your thank you page and instant email, the potential client will be thinking:

"Wow... This company really has its sh*t together. They are the real deal."

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