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VIP Done-For-You Leads Systems

Perfect for companies who want custom-built sales funnels and marketing systems, including our amazing CRM and more.
shingle roofing leads
Roofing contractors looking for exclusive, high quality leads, click HERE.
metal roofing leads
Metal roofing contractors looking for exclusive, high quality leads, click HERE.
shingle roofing leads
Roof Maxx dealers and similar... Click HERE for exclusive, high quality leads.

Courses to Learn How to Do It Yourself

Perfect for companies or individuals who want to at the beginning stages and want a more cost-effective way to get started with advertising.

Everything a new contractor needs to get online and look credible so he can get clients. NOW FREE

This is perfect if you are a salesperson or subcontractor who wants to go out on his own, but doesn't yet have a logo, website, etc.

In this step-by-step video course, I teach you exactly how to do this:

How to decide on the perfect business name, how to buy the perfect URL or domain name without wasting money, how to create the perfect logo without spending hundreds or thousands, how to create professional email addresses, how to create a business phone number the smart way, how to create a Google business profile without getting locked into monthly recurring contracts, how to create a Facebook business page that people trust, AND EVEN how to create your own website without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

When I coach people one on one and do this for them, I charge $1,500. This course is NOW FREE!!

Launch YOUR OWN ads TODAY. Only $297

In this step-by-step video course, I walk you through setting up your own ads from start to finish. These are the exact ads I used for YEARS to generate both storm and retail roofing leads. They are the ads that got my clients through the pandemic and actual GREW their companies. 

The course begins with an essential setup guide, where I take you by the hand and help you organize everything and make sure everything is configured properly. Think this part like cleaning up your office so that you can think clearly and work efficiently.

The course continues with my quick-launch ads plan, where we take all of the stuff we organized in the first half of the course and apply it. Ad copy and creative, targeting, retargeting, and more. I even show you exactly how to automate texts and emails so that you never miss a lead that comes in!