Contractors, I know you think all these ads are BS. 

You see them constantly. 

Everyone is promising the world and you’ve been burned before. 

So I’ll make it really simple:

I do charge money up front for my service, but then you get it all back if you don’t like it. 

Here’s exactly what I do:

I set up a system that generates leads for your company. 

I usually use Facebook ads, but there are instances when other platforms are best. 

The ads are set up for you. 

You don’t have to do anything. 

They are set up in 1 week or less, and your first lead usually comes in within the first 24 hours. 

The whole system is set up with your company accounts:

Your FB page.

Your ad account. 


When you start getting leads, it can be overwhelming…

Calling them, following up, etc. 

So we fixed that:

You have the option to have all your leads called and scheduled for you, so your calendar fills up and you don’t have to bother keeping track of who to call and when. 

You just show up, meet them, and help them (sell). 


And these are exclusive leads. 

None of the sharing with 10 other contractors stuff..

Typically, my clients make their money back in the first 2 weeks. 

And usually after the first month they make enough to run this thing for a whole year. 

All leads are emailed and texted to you, and also to the service that schedules them for you. 

You get their name, email, phone, address, plus a lot more information, like when they are looking to complete the project, how they intend on paying, etc. 

Getting set up with me is fun. 

We do a zoom call—me and you—so we get to meet face to face. 

I configure things on your end for you that will blow you away. 

Then I ask you some super important questions so that I have everything I need to build out the perfect system for you. 

If you’re interested and know you want to talk to me ASAP, click here: 

If you’re interested but not sure if you want to talk to me, click here and watch some videos of me talking to some of my clients: 

For the first time ever, I am offering my system to contractors other than only roofers:

Interior remodeling
And many more…

Click now and let’s talk. As the summer winds down, this is the best time to not only plan for the future, but also to get one huge pop before the end of the year. 

And you can be up and running and getting leads in 1 week. 

Let’s do this!

No contracts and no risk

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You get contacted by a marketing company who says they can help build your business.

They promise all these great things... SEO, social media, Google...

Blah blah blah...

And then they send you a proposal and it locks you in for 6 months or even a YEAR!

What if it doesn't work?

Too bad... You're stuck with them.

In fact, they probably want to lock you in because they KNOW you won't like it.

If they were confident you'd love the work they did for you, they'd let you go month to month.

Well, that's exactly what I do.

With me, there are no contracts that you're locked into.

Instead, I work my ass off so that you make WAYYYYYYY more money than it costs to work with me.

That way, you won't want to stop working with me.

It's pretty simple... Basically I do this crazy thing where I ACTUALLY DO GOOD WORK.

Who knew that that was the secret all along! 😉


Let's talk about this for a second...


Search Engine Optimization...

If you're paying for this, it's very likely that you're paying for something that isn't making you ANY money.

Think about it...

If you were to call up the company who's doing "SEO" for you right now and ask them how many clients you've gotten BECAUSE of what they claim to be doing for you, what would they say?

They probably wouldn't be able to tell you.

But the most important thing to know when you pay for marketing is exactly how much money you're spending and how much money you're MAKING.

You need to know, down to the dollar, how much money it's costing you to get a new, paying client.

With my system, that's exactly what you get.

You will know exactly how much each lead is costing, and also which of those leads became paying clients, meaning, you'll be able to know exactly how much your return on investment is.

When you know that, you know EVERYTHING. You now exactly how to scale your business to whatever size you want.

It's the most empowering thing a business owner can experience.

Let's do it.
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